use cases

How can I use Content Replacement?
Here are the main use cases:


Simply manage rights of live feeds and create a seamless, customized replacement solution for non-licensed content


Automatically manage the distribution rights specific to Canada, with in particular for Simultaneous Substitution


Leverage your presence in local areas to increase and improve the relevance of your services


Manage automatically watershed enforced by your local regulators for specific group of age


Interrupt your programs with alerts when local or national important events need to be shared with viewers


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1 – Choose replacement criteria (blackout use case)
2 – Hit Play!
First, choose a content replacement criteria. Then click play to achieve a simple blackout.
End-user authorized to view sporting event
End-user in region blocked to view sporting event
End-user with device blocked to view sporting event

features & benefits

Discover the main benefits
of Content Replacement as-a-Service


Leverage a wide range of signaling data coming from metadata aggregators or directly from content providers. Management of in-bound cue triggers (SCTE 35) and out-of-band data (ESNI SCTE 224, SCTE 250, time-based info, etc.) through API to manage content distribution.


Detailed and specific session traffic monitoring allows you to efficiently identify trends and to optimize your content replacement strategy.


Generate end user client manifests at scale in your regional footprint based on any type of category and fully cacheable.

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Take control of linear distribution

This application enhances your linear streaming services by managing dynamic content access for all viewers, devices or geographies. It gives you full control of what content is distributed to each end user at all times depending upon context while taking the complexity away.

Automated content replacement

The built-in automated content replacement engine creates an improved viewing experience for all your end users. Minimize churn while leveraging monetization opportunities.

Extensive metadata format ingest

This service supports a wide range of out-of-band metadata such as SCTE 224 ESNI, XML based tags or EPG to build rule based linear schedules. It comes pre-integrated with linear rights and metadata management platforms. It also enables frame accurate workflows with SCTE 35 in-band triggers extraction.

Advanced analytics

Powerful analytics and a customizable dashboard give you detailed insight on consumption of replacement content.

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of the most popular streaming services

Choosing for managing our content rights was the most flexible option.
Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson
Manager – TV Department at Síminn
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
“It took us less than 10 minutes to integrate’s solution using our own API call. We can easily turn on and off the service based on what we exactly need.”
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Outstanding job, team; thanks for your customized and dedicated support for Gtd OTT service success.
Luiz Caro Ruiz
Digital TV Specialist at Gtd
Location: Santiago, Chile
“ automate our streaming rights management. Using API, we replace original content with a custom video for our viewers who are limited by rights restrictions.”
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Plugging the service on the peakVU.TV platform was simpler and faster than what we expected.
Robert Read
Services Delivery Manager at peakVU.TV
Location: Washington DC, USA
“Once we tested the first service through the Webapp, we scaled up to full lineup of linear channels with the API within hours.”
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