PAYG Pricing details

Blackout service usage

Monthly aggregated number of blackout service hours regardless of number of blackout events ($0.25/hour for first 1000 hours and then $0.15/hour)​

​​Ingress Data

Free of charge ($0)

Egress data

Monthly aggregated volume of egress data in GB for manifests and packaged media origination ($0.15/GB)​

Minimum fee

Minimum of $200/month

Pricing FAQ


How do you define a Blackout Service Hour?

A Blackout Service Hour is what you will be charged for if you create a blackout service and let it run continuously for one hour. For example, if you let a linear service run on a permanent basis during one month, the average charge will be for 732 hours. The price is fixed regardless of the number of blackout events.

What is a Blackout event?

A blackout event can be a blackout slot creation, update or deletion. It can also be an audience or policy creation, update or deletion.

What is egress data?

Egress data is the output of data from the platform related to your account activity. We charge for originated manifests and packaged media. So, if you provide both original content and replacement content, only the data for DASH and HLS manifests will be charged for.

Can you give us examples of pricing?

Of course! The following two examples are showing how to calculate the monthly fee you will be charged for using the platform for typical blackout use cases.


What is the benefit of choosing an Enterprise plan over the Pay-as-you-Go plan?

Enterprise offers volume discounts based upon committed spending or contract terms. Once you have a better idea of your monthly or yearly traffic consumption you might benefit from additional cost savings by switching to an Enterprise plan.

Can I change my plan?

You can request to change your plan at any point in time (for instance Free Trial to Pay-as-you-go). You simply need to click on the Upgrade button and fill out the form.

Where can I find the exact limitations of the 30-days free trial?

The exact limitations of the 30-days free trial can be found in our Knowledge Center. You can also contact us by chat for more information.

More information about pricing

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