why we care

Built with Broadpeak’s trusted framework, now with more adaptability, contextualization and localization

with broadpeak.io

We believe…

the best way to optimize your video platform is to understand the context of how, where and when your content is consumed.

We enhance…

your video delivery by personalizing the streaming experience for your customers.

Whether you want to deliver a targeted viewing experience or ensure you comply with streaming rights, we have the tools for you.

what we do

Open more streaming possibilities than ever with simple SaaS applications and SDKs

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Our Dynamic Ad solution helps payTV operators, content providers, (v)MVPDs and pure OTT players to easily monetize their HLS and DASH video services by offering contextualized ad delivery.

Use cases

Targeted Ad, Linear Parity, Pre-roll, No-marker…

Content Replacement

The Content Replacement service automates content personalization of your linear channels.


Use cases

Blackout, Simultaneous substitution, Emergency alerts, Watershed, Regionalization…

Virtual Channel

Create online TV channels on-the-fly based on what your audience want, without the needs of re-encoding or re-packaging.

Use cases

Channel assembly, FAST, Personalized virtual channel, Pop-Up channel, Live Event filler, Promo channel…

why we can help

The features you want – all in one place.


Our cloud-based service is completely scalable; personalize your streams with just a few lines of code.


Our solution expands in several edge locations to maximize the QoE. We target super low RTT that is essential for streaming quality. We have a broad understanding of regional and national regulatory requirements.


We can help accelerate your migration to IP and HTTP adaptive bitrate protocols. Our platform makes it easy to migrate your workflow in order to future-proof your architecture.


We are committed to providing the highest level of service continuity. The API can be easily accessed and managed 24×7 to ensure a consistent media flow.


Our platform status is always accessible in real-time. Our analytics are server-side but our SDKs can be easily installed on the client to provide greater insight.


We are the most secure platform in the industry, with a focus on compliance and conformity. We verify the source of every feed and provide feedback on any issues related to quality. We also ensure that your video output complies with local legislation and programmer requirements.

who we work with

We are trusted by the Devops
of the most popular streaming services,
all over the globe

We have been efficiently supported to enhance our app, propelling us to be pioneers in Brazil’s FAST services.
Alexandre Viana
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
“broadpeak.io all-encompassing SaaS transformed our platform, fostering innovative, cost-efficient expansion in the dynamic world of ad-supported streaming with a top-notch SSAI”
Choosing broadpeak.io for managing our content rights was the most flexible option.
Sveinbjörn Bjarki Jónsson
Manager – TV Department at Síminn
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
“It took us less than 10 minutes to integrate broadpeak.io’s solution using our own API call. We can easily turn on and off the service based on what we exactly need.”
Outstanding job, broadpeak.io team; thanks for your customized and dedicated support for Gtd OTT service success.
Luiz Caro Ruiz
Digital TV Specialist at Gtd
Location: Santiago, Chile
“broadpeak.io automate our streaming rights management. Using API, we replace original content with a custom video for our viewers who are limited by rights restrictions.”
Plugging the broadpeak.io service on the peakVU.TV platform was simpler and faster than what we expected.
Robert Read
Services Delivery Manager at peakVU.TV
Location: Washington DC, USA
“Once we tested the first service through the Webapp, we scaled up to full lineup of linear channels with the API within hours.”
Working with broadpeak.io really accelerates our business, the platform is great and really user friendly.
Thibaud Regeard
Head Of Video Solutions Engineering at Smart
Location: Paris, France
“It allows us to quickly implement media content personalization scenarios and demonstrate to our customers how to maximize monetization through video.”