use cases

How can I use Virtual Channel?
Here are the main use cases:

Channel Assembly

Create a channel with several kinds of sources (Live, Events, VOD, Advertisements, slates)

FAST channels

Make your content available at no cost while still generating revenue from targeted ads

Personalized Virtual Channel

Plug a recommendation engine and create one channel per user on your platform

Pop-Up channels

Leverage interest from temporary events

Theme based channel

Generate genre focused channels from curated content

Live event filler

Create linear channels out of live events

Barker or promo channel

Put a service or content on the spotlight


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Family audience – what to schedule?
Live event
Women audience – what to schedule?
Live Event
2 – Hit Play!
First, choose the content you want to schedule in your virtual channel. Then click play.
Baseline channel
Slate used in case of no content scheduled
Family curated channel created
Mix of slate (5s), vod (10s), targeted ad (10s), slate (5s)
Family curated channel created
Mix of slate (5s), event (10s), targeted ad (10s), slate (5s)
Women curated channel created
Mix of slate (5s), vod (10s), targeted ad (10s), slate (5s)
Women curated channel created
Mix of slate (5s), event (10s), targeted ad (10s), slate (5s)

features & benefits

Discover the main benefits
of Virtual Channel as-a-Service


With the capacity to create up to one channel per user, you can personalize experiences and finally compete for the attention of your customers with Instagram Reels, Tiktok or Twitter Threads.


Monetize your content 24×7 instead of limiting you to some events. Exploit fully the potential of your catalog by pushing content to an entire audience.


Create and origin new channels within seconds to always be relevant for your viewers.

Set up your virtual channel

Create your first virtual channel within minutes.


Get our developer’s guide. Start building your own virtual channel with the API.


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Learn more about the workflow and the ecosystem

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Mix and match any content

This application allows you to use any kind of source to build your channel: it can be a mix of a pre-existing Linear feed, an event, a Video-on-Demand, a Slate, an ad or any kind of video.

Simplify playout

You will not need to re-create an entire chain of encoding and packaging to launch a new channel. The system pulls manifest files or pre-packaged/pre-encrypted content and orchestrates them in time to create your schedule.

Create an output per viewer

Using our advanced API, you can create channels on the fly based on single audiences you have on your platform. You can even go deeper and create individual channels based on tastes, moods and recommendations originating from a curation engine.

Advanced analytics

Powerful analytics and a customizable dashboard give you detailed insight on what content has been popular and how your audience has been engaged.

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We have been efficiently supported to enhance our app, propelling us to be pioneers in Brazil’s FAST services.
Alexandre Viana
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
“ all-encompassing SaaS transformed our platform, fostering innovative, cost-efficient expansion in the dynamic world of ad-supported streaming with a top-notch SSAI”
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Working with really accelerates our business, the platform is great and really user friendly.
Thibaud Regeard
Head Of Video Solutions Engineering at Smart
Location: Paris, France
“It allows us to quickly implement media content personalization scenarios and demonstrate to our customers how to maximize monetization through video.”
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