use cases

How can I use Dynamic Ad Insertion ?
Here are the main use cases:

Targeted Ad for Linear

Dynamic Ad Replacement of in stream ads into targeted ads within ad breaks.

Targeted Ad for Assets

Dynamic Ad Insertion of pre-roll, mid-roll and post roll ads for VoD, Catchup or cPVR.

Linear Parity

Leverage your presence in local areas to increase and improve the relevance of your services


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features & benefits

Discover the main benefits
of Dynamic Ad Insertion as-a-Service

  • Server side ad insertion
  • Client-side ad tracking with SDKs available for any platform
  • Agnostic solution works with any third-party service
  • Automatic scaling
  • Local presence in 161 POPs
  • On-the-fly ad insertion and replacement
  • Maximize your revenue with SSAI technology to defeat ad blockers
  • Take full control of ad skipping policies with the Smartlib™ lightweight client SDK
  • Find ad frequency sweet spot per audience with A/B testing
  • End-to-end ad tracking: IAB OM SDK to enable independant ad tracking measurement and certification
  • Transparent access to detailed analytics and impressions reportings
  • Ad Creative verification with video analysis
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Utilize direct and programmatic inventory

Programmatic (Real Time Bidding) and pre-fetch mode through API are native capabilities of the platform. They can be combined with each other to support your campaign management strategy.

Ad delivery

Ads are delivered through a distributed edge origin layer, with CDN delivery as an option.

Pre-integrated ad tech ecosystem

This application comes pre-integrated with a wide range of ADS options and supports both VAST and VMAP standard protocol. It can extend ad inventory monetization with multi-ADS support. Automated slate management fills ad breaks with auto promotion or bumpers and also includes a fallback option.

Using our SDKs, you can also interact with the application to interact with the viewer during the ads.

Automated processing of ad creative

Quality check of ingested ad creative is performed automatically. New ad creative is transcoded dynamically. Video ABR transcoding supports H264 and HEVC codecs, up to UHD resolution at 60p, while audio transcoding supports normalization with loudness control.

Comprehensive workflow support

Dynamic ad replacement powers both linear and delayed TV services, with frame accuracy when SCTE-35 triggers are available. For file-based content such as VoD, catch-up or cloud DVR, dynamic ad insertion supports pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll.

Ad impressions and tracking

The SaaS supports both server and client-side ad tracking. Advanced ad tracking with QoE analytics and ad fingerprinting is available on the client side. The Smartlib SDK client is certified with the IAB Open Measurement standard. It enables enhanced reporting with anti ad fraud capabilities.

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of the most popular streaming services

We have been efficiently supported to enhance our app, propelling us to be pioneers in Brazil’s FAST services.
Alexandre Viana
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
“ all-encompassing SaaS transformed our platform, fostering innovative, cost-efficient expansion in the dynamic world of ad-supported streaming with a top-notch SSAI”
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Plugging the service on the peakVU.TV platform was simpler and faster than what we expected.
Robert Read
Services Delivery Manager at peakVU.TV
Location: Washington DC, USA
“Once we tested the first service through the Webapp, we scaled up to full lineup of linear channels with the API within hours.”
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Working with really accelerates our business, the platform is great and really user friendly.
Thibaud Regeard
Head Of Video Solutions Engineering at Smart
Location: Paris, France
“It allows us to quickly implement media content personalization scenarios and demonstrate to our customers how to maximize monetization through video.”
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