IBC 2022 was a great opportunity to introduce our latest application: Dynamic Ad Insertion as a Service.

Did you know that personalizing the insertions of ads is now much easier than you think? Watch here the interview Kit Plus made with Olivier Karra, Broadpeak Cloud Solution Marketing Director, explaining you why:

Few weeks after the show, Olivier agreed to share few of his takeaways:

We have seen that practically every Streaming Service Provider is assessing the monetization potential of their content. An overlay Dynamic Ad Insertion cloud service that can plug into any existing platform without any dependency on the ecosystem is a considerable value.

Creating a Dynamic Ad Insertion service from scratch in a couple of minutes and getting immediate analytics data on monetization puts anyone with ad inventory in a situation where ROI becomes much more predictable.

As the market continues to move from Direct Sales to Programmatic, we see that a platform like broadpeak.io, which can address both schemes while ensuring QoS control, is addressing this transition requirement.

I am now looking forward for next year’s edition, I hope to see you there!

Photo by Matheus Frade on Unsplash

Mathias Guille
Mathias Guille is the Vice President Cloud Platform at Broadpeak. He leads the strategic development of Broadpeak’s cloud platform, including the building of the company’s infrastructure in the cloud and in public datacenters, the design of Broadpeak’s platform on top of the infrastructure and the shaping of the company’s applications to accommodate SaaS offerings.