From Sunday 16th to Wednesday 19th April, the team made the journey to the NABShow Las Vegas to present its latest innovations. A fantastic opportunity to meet with customers and prospects and discuss the integration of the SaaS in various contexts. Here’s a look back at this major event of the year for the streaming industry.

Welcome to the Las Vegas Convention Center!

Broadpeak at the NABShow was a delegation of 35 people, a 1200 sq ft booth and months of preparation. For, it was a great showcase allowing all visitors to test the SaaS platform in a few minutes. The cloud team consisted of Fabre (Senior Solution Engineer), Olivier (Cloud Solution Marketing Director), Aldeen (Customer Success Director) and Mathias (Head of Cloud Platform). I am Thibaut and I joined Broadpeak one year ago as a Product Owner to accelerate the development of the cloud API-based platform. So, this show was the perfect place to meet users, capture their feedback and refine the 2023 product roadmap.

Four intense days and 2023 trends that are confirmed

For this NABShow 2023, the keyword was monetization. So, we had prepared a majority of scenarios around SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) and Virtual Channels to allow our visitors to project themselves with the solutions. Confirmation from the opening Sunday morning, Demonstrations followed on use cases of Live pre-roll or Live ad replacement (based on SCTE-35 markers) for our Dynamic Ad Insertion application. It was also an opportunity to present our VMAP builder, which allows for the dynamic management of ad opportunities in VOD catalogs. Our demo in partnership with GumGum combining pre-roll and targeted overlay was well received.

On the Virtual Channel side, the Personalized Virtual Channel demo in partnership with Spideo (content recommendation platform) allows for the addressing of content providers’ issues. The scheduler available on the web application enables managing schedules by audience with a few clicks, whereas the API allows for full automation. Furthermore, the insertion of ad breaks meets the increasing demand for FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) by combining personalized content and targeted advertising.

Finally, the Content Replacement application, presented one year ago, enables even more effective addressing of use cases such as Blackout, SimSub (in Canada) or EAS (Emergency Alert System), to name but a few.

What’s the plan in 2023 for SaaS at Broadpeak?

The pivot towards the cloud is well underway. An increasing number of content providers, broadcasters, and operators are placing their trust in SaaS solutions to ensure all or part of the value chain. In addition to more advanced features on the manifest manipulation side, one of the work axes for this year focuses on transparency through the improvement of analytics and real-time observability: logs, scalability, on-going billing… Finally, a new application will make its appearance at IBC 2023, so stay tuned!

Thibaut Bertrand
Thibaut Bertrand is an experienced product owner known for his practical approach to team guidance. With a focus on short-term goals, relevant requirements, and maximizing profitability through the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Thibaut has garnered expertise in various industries: administrations, local & influence marketing, TV, ... His diverse background in product management, technology, pre-sales, and business development enables him to navigate complexities effectively, align stakeholders, and deliver innovative solutions for sustainable growth.